Monday, May 07, 2007

Guns: Grip Optimization

I dislike anyone or anything that proclaims there is "one true sword," an optimal way of solving a problem to the exclusion of all others (most of the time in those situations, something's being sold). I must admit, though, that nearly everyone agrees on how to hold a pistol properly.

The perennial mistake you see in beginners is not getting a high enough grip. In some pistols, that can be painful. A friend of mine used to get cut by the slide of his GLOCK; the flesh of his hand was actually going past the "beavertail" of the frame. I always get bitten by Browning Hi-Power hammers.

From Hobie's excellent blog:

Truth be told, I've never seen anyone in person that can shoot as well as the gentleman featured in the above video. If those are full-power .45 loads, as I suspect, then it's even more impressive.


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