Monday, May 07, 2007

Links: Blogrollin'

I just remembered how to add links at the sidebar on the right of this page (a simple HTML link dropped in the middle of an arcane template). I've added some of the blogs I visit daily; all of them are definitely worth your time. Many of them are the sort of "personal" blogs that I think the Web is perfect for - I find that the big, multi-user news blogs do a great job of keeping up with current events, but are less idiosyncratic and therefore less interesting.

All the blogs I visit are written by people who shoot and who believe strongly in the inherent human right to self-defense. I have other hobbies (cycling, RPGs & boardgames, etc.) but none of them are as fun to talk or blog about as shooting. Whether you're blasting clays at five-stand, hitting water jugs with a 60-year old Mosin, talking about metallurgy, or simply thumbing through the latest gun rag for all the pretty pictures, the fodder for a blog seems almost limitless.


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