Sunday, February 08, 2009

Movies: Breaking Away

There are some notions that are quintessentially American, and one of them is a love for the underdog. It started with the birth of our nation (thirteen upstart colonies versus the might of the British Empire) and it continues to be portrayed in American film. The best-known sports underdog movie is probably "Rocky," but I'm also a big fan of "Breaking Away":

"Breaking Away" actually captures a lot of conflicts in its 100 minute runtime. Dave Stoller wants to pursue his passion, which is cycling, but his blue-collar father doesn't understand. Neither do the college students who live in his town. And not even a professional Italian racing team appreciates Dave's talent. Trying to "break away," in life and in a road race, can be difficult, but you can do surprising things if you have help from your friends.

The real star of the story is the cycling, though. How many movies show someone truing a bike wheel? My favorite part is when Dave manages to overtake a big truck on the highway using his bike.

Rating: 8/10


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