Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Music: Living Room

The local library here in Gainesville has some pretty interesting stuff. There's a great graphic novel section, there's stacks and stacks of hard sci-fi books, and there's a wonderful world music stand in the CD collection. That's where I first heard Paris Combo, a musical group that's (unsurprisingly) based in Paris, France.

If I had to pick one eclectic French/Maghreb/jazz/swing group to listen to during a car ride, it'd be Paris Combo. The lead vocalist, Belle du Berry, has a kind of sing-song delivery that reminds me of a Sondheim production. Potzi, whose guitar stylings are clearly influenced by the legendary Django Reinhardt, brings in strains of North Africa in many of the group's songs. In fact, all the members contribute parts of themselves to flavor the finished product - this is a band, through and through.

Here's a music video for their song, "Living Room," off the album of the same name:


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