Monday, February 23, 2009

School: State of Lone Star v. Micah Victor

Well, both our trial teams lost at the Regionals of the NTC. I'm disappointed, of course, but not embarrassed, regretful, or dejected. The effort and polish exhibited by our teams was commendable, and I firmly believe that we did our very best. If anything, the whole experience has shaken my faith in the trial competition process, but that's a grouse for another post.

On the bright side, I'll have much more free time to blog, so hopefully the updates will be coming a little more regularly here at Shangrila Towers.


At 3:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fellow law student, how are you? I was curious as to why you lost the faith in competition process. I'm currently on the mock trial team and I also want to participate in competitions one day. I don't know if I'm ready this time around but hopefully, within the remaining year.
Why did the first place team win? What if anything was different about them?


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