Monday, April 27, 2009

Links: Blogroll Update

That whole "20/20" debacle really stirred up the proverbial pot, which means that a bunch of great blogs caught my attention. Unsurprisingly, most of them follow the format of Shangrila Towers - a mix of various interests, current events, and firearms stuff. In alphabetical order...

All You Really Need - John the Texaner started this blog in January, but it's already got some interesting posts. The blog's mostly focused on "guns, food, and photography" - all you really need. In terms of gun stuff, you'll see a nice BHP range report and a discussion of John's home defense shotgun. He posts less frequently than I do, but the posts are much longer and more detailed - nice for grabbing a mug of coffee and pondering.

Bore Patch - The subtitle says it all, really: "Internet Security and Firearms. Either way, helping you keep your muzzle clean. No extra charge." Aside from these two topics, Bore Patch heaps a considerable helping of fun miscellany at the reader - music videos, politics, vacation photos, etc. The author is a father, so there's also the added fun of being able to share in the war stories of parenting.

Found: One Troll - Eseell's blog focuses on two of my interests: computers and guns. But just because there's a slightly more focused range of topics doesn't mean that there aren't awesome off-the-wall posts either, like an embed of "Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter." Guns and geekery - they go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

ricketyclick - This one's a mite more political than the other blogs on this list, with regular criticism of President Obama and the forces of gun control. Excellent quality posts, though, so even if your politics differ, you should check ricketyclick out.


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