Friday, July 10, 2009

Food: Bagels &...

You know that South Florida has a ton of awesome delis when a good restaurant like "Bagels &..." can only manage two out of four stars here at Shangrila Towers.

It's an unassuming, family-owned deli nestled in a cherry location - smack in the middle of several Lake Worth suburban developments. The Sapersteins have been in the bialy and bagel baking business for decades, and it's almost like a little slice of Long Island has been transplanted to West Palm Beach.

The breakfast here is an exceptional value, with the prices held in check partly due to the fact that many of the Jewish retirees who frequent Bagels &... are on a fixed income. How else do you explain the ability to get two eggs, a bowl of grits, a bagel, and coffee for $3.79? Even adding in the tip, you're still competitive with the fast food joints' breakfast combos. And of course, the food at Bagels &... is much, much better.

The place can get crowded on weekends, especially when middle class families start showing up for breakfast. If there's one knock against Bagels &..., it'd be that their lunch and dinner offerings aren't as strong as their breakfast, especially when measured up against other Jewish delis in the area. But you probably can't find a better bialy for twenty miles.

2/4 stars


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