Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tech: 1 vs. 100

If you're an Xbox Live Gold member and you have a knack for trivia, you should probably try out the "1 vs. 100" beta that's currently going on:

I've never seen the game show (the U.S. version is hosted by Bob Saget, incidentally), but the premise of "1 vs. 100" is simple - a contestant (the One) and a group of 100 people (the Mob) answer various trivia questions. If a Mob member answers incorrectly, he or she is knocked out for the rest of the game. If the One answers incorrectly, the game ends and the Mob members split the winnings.

The One thus tries to outlast the Mob. At the beginning, it's easy to knock out at least a few Mob members (out of 100 people, there are going to be a few folks who don't know the sixth planet from the sun), but as the game wears on, the only people left in the Mob will be trivia mavens. And so, after each question, the One is invited to either take the money and walk, or push on further. Eliminating everyone is extremely difficult, but if the One can do it, a huge prize awaits.

The Xbox beta is free to play, and pits you against literally thousands of other players. While there aren't any prizes in most sessions, once a week the best "1 vs. 100" players on Xbox Live are selected to participate in a game where they can win Xbox Live Marketplace points (which can be used to buy games and movies). Every correct answer also counts as a sweepstakes entry towards real world stuff. And even without prizes, it's fun to play with your friends.


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