Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Guns: My Permit, My Privacy, Your Safety

Perhaps you saw Gun Nuts' Caleb duel with a gun controller over the Herald Times database of concealed carry permitholders:

Ah, there's nothing like watching the Brady Bunch have to distort and twist facts just to make their argument presentable (read the comments to see just how weaselly the use of the "500 people with criminal backgrounds" statistic can be). And no matter how you look at the stats, there's zero evidence that CCWs commit violent crimes "often."

I've blogged about how CCW databases, often printed by anti-gun newspaper editors, are a bad idea. But for a more graphic reason why it's bad to tell the bad guys who is and who isn't armed, watch (and listen to) the following video:

It's not that CCW permit holders will be targeted more (though doubtless some will be), but that the non-permit holders will be. That's because any idiot, with a 30-second web search, can know which households are and which aren't armed. Guess which one Mr. Thug will pick to rob/rape/murder?


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