Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Links: Fuzzy Yellow Balls

If you're a hardcore tennis fan, you'll find that the commentary on American TV can be a little underwhelming - a lot of platitudes about how a player "loves the big stage" or "needs to be more aggressive," rather than talking about the strokes and strategies of the high-level pros.

The solution? Fuzzy Yellow Balls.

Okay, so the website's name is pretty silly, but the site (and its YouTube channel) is a great resource if you are trying to learn how to play tennis. Every stroke is broken down into its components, complete with video on how to execute the shot. There are also video galleries of top tennis champions on the practice court that make great references for improving your strokes. For those who want to go even deeper, you can pay for FYB Premium and learn all about court geometry, movement, and match strategy.

Additionally, tennis coach Will Hamilton manages to comment on important matches in the tennis world. All during the Australian Open, Hamilton has been giving in-depth previews of the men's singles matches, going beyond "who's in form" and detailing strategies for both players. Here's a good one previewing the 4th round match between Nikolay Davydenko and Fernando Verdasco (and the match basically played out like Hamilton described):

And while you might think FYB is all cerebral tennis geekery, they do have a sense of humor:


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