Sunday, October 16, 2011

Guns: Jerry Miculek Practical Rifle DVD review

Some people claim that practical shooting competitions aren't useful preparation for real-world gunfights. Those people should probably avoid invading the home of Jerry Miculek, a living legend in the world of competitive shooting:

"Jerry Miculek Practical Rifle" is a three DVD instructional course from Brownells that covers the use of the AR-15 in practical rifle matches. Obviously, you can't watch Mr. Miculek and expect to shoot like him, any more than you could watch Michael Jordan and expect to slam dunk from the foul line - but it can't hurt to see the best in the business doing his stuff, either.

In the first disc, Miculek covers the fundamentals of shooting and explains the set-up of a competition AR (including what he uses on his own rifle). The next two discs are all about practical shooting competition, including techniques for various positions, strategies for handling multiple targets, and tips on how to interact with common obstacles and props:

The content is pretty solid, but I think the DVDs would have benefited from better editing; there are frequent title card sequences, slow-motion takes, and repeats of segments from different angles, all of which hurt the watchability of the video. Unlike Magpul's "The Art of the..." series, you can't really roll through the video from front to back without it getting a little boring. Still, in small doses, there are a lot of good tips here, making "Jerry Miculek Practical Rifle" a worthy addition to your shooting library.


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