Monday, October 17, 2011

Shangrila Shock-Tober 2011 - Cheezy Horror Trailers

All Hallows' Eve draws near, and, as usual, Shangrila Towers will be running a series of themed posts covering all sorts of scares, spooks, and shocks. This time, we look at collection of vintage horror trailers.

Cheezy Flicks specializes in the kind of old B-movies that end up on "Mystery Science Theatre 3000." You know the type - bad dialogue, low budgets, iffy editing. Stuff like "Inn of the Damned" and "The Cyclops."

It can be hard to actually sit through one of these movies, so Cheezy Flicks conveniently packaged a bunch of their trailers for easy consumption. Most of the previewed movies are pretty bad, but there are some cult classics here, too, like "The Abominable Dr. Phibes" and the original "My Bloody Valentine." Most importantly, the collections are free to view on YouTube, and make for great background viewing at your Halloween party:

(skip to 2:05 for the trailers)

(skip to 2:05 for the trailers)


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