Monday, April 23, 2012

Links: Blogroll Spring Cleanin'

Depsite the odd weather patterns, it's definitely springtime here at Shangrila Towers, and that means renovating the old blogroll:

Out with the old...

The Breda Fallacy - Breda found something most gunbloggers never find: a logical stopping point. After convincing every woman in her life to either buy a gun for self-defense or consider it, she declared a formal end to the blog with a final post titled "my work here is done." A bit of a shame, but the free ice cream machine has to stop sometime - better to do it on your own terms, methinks.

In with the new...

30 Cal Gal - A really neat gunblog written by a really neat lady, Anette Wachter a/k/a "The 30 Cal Gal." Ms. Wachter is a champion competition shooter of some renown, and the blog follows her travels. Here's her interview at SHOT Show this year:

Above the Law - This site's pretty easy to describe; it's basically Gawker for lawyers. You'll read gossip about associate lay-offs, partner scandals, law schools, and (a lot of) posts about salaries and bonuses. I like visiting to remind myself why I chose SmallLaw.
Improved Clinch - I don't get to go fishing very often, but when I do, my mind often drifts into the topics covered in John Venlet's blog: politics, philosophy, and living.


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