Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tech: Infinity Blade review

"Infinity Blade" is an action title for the iPhone that puts you in the shoes of a lone swordsman seeking revenge against the immortal God-King. You travel through the God-King's castle, fighting one-on-one sword duels against the castle guardians until you reach the head honcho himself.

The first time you make it to him, you're hopelessly outmatched, and you die in short order. Thankfully, your descendant(s) take up your sword, and each run through the God-King's castle gives your bloodline more experience and equipment. With enough manic finger-swiping, revenge can be yours:

The Good:   Yeah, it's essentially "Punch-Out!!" with swords, but the game is still one of the most polished productions you'll find on the iOS: the graphics look great, the combat sounds are visceral and exciting, and the controls for attacking, dodging, and magic are all spot-on. Mild RPG elements (you level up your character and your equipment) give the game just enough depth for extended play sessions.
The Bad: After a few playthroughs, "Infinity Blade" becomes mind-crushingly repetitive. While the enemies vary slightly in each run through the castle, you're always fighting a few basic types - the big lumbering oaf, the swordfighter, or the agile combatant. The game would have stayed fresher for a lot longer had ChAIR Entertainment mixed in some non-human foes.
The Ugly: "Infinity Blade II" abandons the mythic Ico-like simplicity of its predecessor. The addition of full English language voice-acting and a hamfisted plot remove a lot of the mystery (and charm) of the original title's premise.
Rating: 82/100


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