Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Guns: Sayonara, Starbucks

Like the Founding Fathers intended, American gun owners represent the population at large. In such a giant, varied group, you're always going to have disagreements - is open carry protest counterproductive? Are we giving money and support to the right RKBA organizations? Should we focus on getting the laws changed in gun-unfriendly states like California, or shore up gains in pro-gun places? To an outsider, it must look easy to divide and conquer.

Simple truth, though - there's nothing that unites gunnies better than a good old fashioned boycott:

Who's up for never spending money at Starbucks again, raise your hands? To borrow a phrase from Howard Schultz, "Onward!"

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Music: Undertow

Ooof, posting has been light lately. Busy at work, busy at play..."Undertow," by the band Ivy, pretty much captures how I feel:

Taking one step back.
Trying to pull yourself together.
No matter what you say nothing you do
Can hold back the forces on you forever.

You can't fight the undertow.
Not when you're all alone.
You can't fight the undertow.
How long 'til you let go?