Sunday, December 21, 2014

Miscellany: Last Minute Holiday Gifts, Part 2 - Gear Ho' (Ho Ho)

(h/t  to Tam for the post title)

Quark Tactical QT2A, Foursevens - I've previously reviewed the single AA version of the Quark Tactical, and the double-cell version isn't too different. It does make a better gift, I think, because the QT2s are more suited for your car, home, or campsite, rather than carrying on your person. Surprisingly few people EDC a flashlight (when I whip one out in a darkened theater, people look at me like I've just discovered fire).

WHO IS IT FOR? People who need to rig up a reliable weaponlight for their long gun without breaking the bank.

Endura Wave, Spyderco - The Delica and Endura lines are basically the GLOCKs of the knife world; they work great for all of the things someone would realistically use a three or four inch folding knife for. For uses that are basically unrealistic (i.e., Kim Jong Un will dance on Broadway before I ever have to use a knife in self-defense), you can step up to the Waved versions. They're officially licensed by Emerson, they come out wicked fast out of a pocket, and they have a handsome grey handle color, too.

WHO IS IT FOR? That LEO buddy of yours. The hands-on, DIY type. A loved one stuck in a place where s/he can't carry a gun legally, but who needs a lethal force option.

Falcon-II, Maxpedition - I usually use a Pygmy Falcon-II for dayhikes, but the plain old Falcon-II has more features overall. There's a spot for a water bladder, sternum and waist straps, and lots of compression snaps (you can cinch this sucker down flat if you're not carrying much). This is, I think, the better bag for travelling on an airplane, as you can use the outer compartments for snacks, books, and toiletries, while reserving two big inner compartments for laptops and clothes.

WHO IS IT FOR? People who want to constantly get mistaken for soldiers.

Spec Plus Gen II SP-43, Ontario Knife Company - It's astonishing to me what passes for a "bush" knife these days; most of the stuff in the big box aisles wouldn't survive a season of hard use. The Spec Plus Gen II series is way more practical - tough fully coated spring steel, big no-nonsense Kraton handle, nylon sheath with a good button snap. The SP43 in particular is right at that sweet spot of being large enough to baton wood for your firepit, but still small enough to keep in your garage or car, rather than at the bottom of a closet.

WHO IS IT FOR? The guy/gal who wants an old-school Army-style KA-BAR (which are indeed good knives), but really probably needs this.


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