Sunday, July 31, 2022

Food: Crumbl

When I was a kid, chain cookie options were limited to mall stores like Mrs. Fields and Great American Cookies. Their products were addictive, sure, but not terribly interesting. In other words, people craved the sugary hit of those bags of mini chocolate chip cookies, but it was pure comfort food...none of the flavors would ever surprise you.

In today's TikTok-saturated world, with outré food items all the rage (cf. Pink Sauce), baked goods have to be zanier to get attention from the public - enter Crumbl, a chain of cookie stores angling to be the 21st century Mrs. Fields:

Crumbl's gimmick is to bake expensive, large soft cookies on-site with flavors that rotate every week.
While chocolate chip is always on the menu, it's joined by concoctions like Mango Frozen Yogurt, Cornbread, and Pineapple Upside Down Cake.  These cookies taste pretty darn good but are absolutely terrible for you nutritionally (don't eat more than half a cookie unless you want to blow your diet). Still, unless you like your cookies crisp and crunchy, Crumbl is certainly worth a try.


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