Monday, July 21, 2008

Guns: Let's Build an AR! - Wrap-up

One of the fun parts of finishing up an AR-15 build is cataloging the absurd amount of stuff that you've put on your gun. Yes, I realize the most important piece of equipment for a fighting carbine is what's between the ears, but the sheer volume of aftermarket doohickeys available for an AR boggles the imagination (and mine is a relatively mild case).

Parts Used:

Sabre Defence stripped lower
DPMS lower parts kit
Magpul MIAD grip (basic edition w/o the replacement floorplate)
Magpul CTR stock (w/ rubber buttpad)
Stag 1H complete upper
Command Arms Accessories rail mounts (single rail on bottom handguard and triple rail - minus center rail - on top handguard)
ProMag vertical forward grip
StreamLight TLR-1 weaponlight
Vickers Combat Applications 2-point sling

Of course, the big ticket items will have to wait for another day. The M900A SureFire integrated light alone costs almost as much as the rifle, and the Aimpoint red dot sight needs appropriate mounting hardware (as well as a rear folding BUIS) before it can be useful.

Future Wishlist:

Aimpoint Comp ML3
SureFire M900A (to replace the current El Cheapo forward grip and light setup)
Daniel Defense Omega Rail system (not sure if this is the best choice, but installation is super simple and it's easy to undo if you ever want to separate the rail from the firearm)


At 5:43 AM, Blogger James R. Rummel said...

How much did you spend? Or did I miss where you mention that?


At 9:30 AM, Blogger Mulliga said...

All told, the components cost about $1100, with the chief cost being the Stag upper (around $500). If you wanted to build the least expensive AR possible, you could probably shave a good $300 off the price by leaving out the stock, grips, and weaponlight.

I don't fret too much about the dollar values, though - if I ever needed the money, ARs are easy to sell. Heck, in the current political climate (a potential Democratic President, Congress, and Senate), the demand for all firearms might increase.

At 6:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can keep your AR; I want this...


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