Thursday, March 26, 2009

Links: Hypercombofinish

It's pretty rare for a blogger to return to a blog that he or she has abandoned. When the typical blog sits inactive for more than a few weeks, it's a pretty safe bet that the creator has given up on it. There are times, however, when blogs return from the dead, like Hypercombofinish. Where once there were year-long gaps between posts, now the blog is updating and running fine.

Hypercombofinish is maintained by cartoonist Chris Maguire (RevolvingDork) and writer Marie Kare (Marie the Bee). RevolvingDork creates awesome videogame-themed webcomics like the one you see above, while Marie the Bee chips in with game reviews and game news, including the "How to Be Me" series of interviews with people in the games industry. Well worth a look if you like video games at all.


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