Monday, June 01, 2009

Guns: Styx River Shooting Center

There are some scenic drives in this country, but I'd venture to say that the boring highway expanse of I-10 in eastern Alabama isn't one of them. Most of the time, the only things you come across are undeveloped forest and kitschy tourist stops. If you look carefully, though, you might see a diamond in all the rough: Styx River Shooting Center.

Located off of Exit 53, Styx River Shooting Center is based on a simple concept - offer the general public a place to shoot rifles, shotguns, and handguns without signing up for a cumbersome membership or jumping through too many hoops. The location is much more convenient than most ranges, too; Styx River isn't located out in the boonies, but right next to I-10.

There are a couple trap fields, a couple skeet fields, five-stand, and a pistol and rifle range, all located outdoors. There's a full retail store on the premises, stocking all different sorts of firearms. They also sell reloading supplies and accessories, and the selection isn't bad for a store attached to a shooting range.

Overall, it's a good shooting range and well worth a stop if you ever feel the need to burn some powder near the Alabama-Florida border.


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