Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Miscellany: 5.11 HRT Desert Boots review

If you tried hard enough, you could probably make everything tactical - coffee cups, underwear, bacon. And there are plenty of people who do try. That's why it's difficult to review a pair of 5.11 HRT Desert Boots without looking like a total spaz.

The HRT purportedly stands for *gulp* "Hostage Rescue Team," an appellation that's enough to conjure up images of mall-ninja-ized Cold Steel catalogs.

In truth, though, these are good, comfortable soft-soled boots that required zero break-in. They give a lot of ankle support without being unnecessarily stiff, they hold up well to extended use, and they even look fairly fashionable (or at least, so I'm told).

I do have some complaints. Despite their advertised resistance to oil and blood, the boots seem to stain easily; a few weeks out bumming around town were enough to get a lot of dirt and grime on the uppers. The collars are pretty loose, so it would behoove you to use Gators if you need to move through heavy snow or sand. Finally, if you don't find them on sale like I did, you might have to shell out $100 a pair.

All in all, these are solid boots that are worth the cash. Even if you do risk looking like a poseur.


At 10:35 AM, Blogger Evan said...

I got a pair of the shorter Advance boots of the same design a little over a year ago. They were very comfortable from day one, and not too hot in warm weather. But I too discovered that the light sued-ish material stained easily and it took very little time for them to look ratty. After a year of frequent use, the soles have stood up well but the plastic material around the toes has cracked in a few places.

Even the shorter version had the problem of looking too tacticool, especially when wearing khaki pants. And forget about wearing them at the same time as wearing a boonie hat. They are high in function but made it tough at times to avoid looking like a wannabe.


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