Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guns: A Sport for Snowmageddon

It must be easy to get in the mood for the 2010 Winter Olympics when the Eastern Seaboard is being engulfed by a blizzard. Just making your way to your car can be a chore in these conditions; it really shows how gifted those elite skiers and skaters are.

Of course, many of the events at the Winter Games don't have much relevance in a survival situation, with one big exception...when the roads around you are covered in three feet of snow, when stores are closed and the power is down, you'll be happy you chose to compete in biathlon instead of figure skating:

It's a neat combination, but obviously not a sport you can just pick up at your local rec center. For one thing, the Anschutz straight-pull rifles world class biathletes use cost about $5000:

Not to mention the incredibly rigorous training needed to be able to ski 7.5 km fast and shoot a bunch of targets with 30,000 people cheering you on:


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