Friday, June 17, 2011

Miscellany: Cheers and Jeers in Roswell, Georgia

During our trip to Atlanta, we spent some time in Roswell, Georgia. Roswell is a fairly well-to-do suburb of northern Atlanta; the median income is so high, their City Hall makes Lake Worth's look like a shack. I thought it was a fun place to visit on a sleepy Memorial Day weekend, though the journey had its ups and downs...

Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area'll find one of the only places to canoe within half an hour's driving distance of Atlanta.
CHEER...the wide, lazy Chattahoochee. It's colder than you'd think, enough so that we passed huge groups of teenagers hanging out in inner tubes, lounging the day away. Even the places with rocks and shoals, like Island Ford, were easy to navigate.
JEER...the highway overpass bridges. Nothing takes you out of a wilderness reverie like the hum of rubber on asphalt.

Oak Street Cafe a bistro that got decent reviews on Google Maps.
CHEER...the brunch menu. We were able to order eggs, French toast, fries, and tomato-basil bisque - just what the doctor ordered for a late Sunday morning.
JEER...the high prices and small portions. I understand that you pay a premium because it's in Roswell, but couldn't they at least give you bread with your bisque?

John Ripley Forbes Big Trees Forest Preserve
HERE...trees, trees, and more trees.
CHEER...the fact that it's a forested area in the middle of an otherwise developed suburb - this would be an ideal place to walk a dog or jog through the woods.
JEER...nothing. There's no entrance fee, after all.

Archibald Smith Plantation Home a 19th century plantation home, restored to much of its former glory.
CHEER...the neat little historical bits of trivia you can learn. Ever heard of a spring house? It's a little building that is constructed above a spring, usually into the side of a hill, in order to keep food cool. The Smith Plantation had one.
JEER...the fact that it's closed on major holidays. We didn't actually tour the house, only the grounds. On the upside, we didn't pay any money.


At 11:58 AM, Blogger Borepatch said...

I wish I'd known your were in town. There's great barbecue, too.

Roswell's a neat town.

At 8:53 AM, Blogger Mulliga said...

Ah, didn't know you lived there. My family and I were planning to catch Mrs. Borepatch in "The Seagull," but the schedule just didn't work out. I'll give you a holler next time I'm up.

At 10:09 PM, Blogger Tam said...

If you drove south out of Roswell on Roswell Road, across the Chattahoochee, and took the first left across the bridge, you'd pass Rivercrest Apartments, where I used to hang my hat.

Your photos brought back memories, every one of 'em. Thanks!

At 9:22 PM, Blogger Mulliga said...

Hmm. There must be some kind of cosmic phenomenon that draws gunbloggers to Roswell, Georgia. :-)


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