Saturday, December 10, 2011

Guns: Remora IWB holster review

I don't recommend the practice of "Mexican carry" - slipping a handgun into your waistband without a holster - because it has obvious problems. Even if you're lucky enough not to have your gun slip down your pant leg, you still have a gun that's sitting too low to get a full firing grip, and one that shifts around all over the place to boot. You can understand, then, my skepticism about the Remora holster, a clipless IWB holster that uses friction to hold itself in place:

Does it work? Well, yes and no. When the Remora was new, and cinched with a good gun belt, it didn't move at all, and held my Kahr CM9 in a good position for a draw:

After a few days of carry, though, the material loses much of its grip, and you can have cases where the gun starts to move around or even dip into your waistband. The material also tended to rub my right side raw, which quickly made me wish for a conventional leather or Kydex IWB rig. Finally, the closed muzzle design, while effective for making sure the gun didn't fall down your pants, had the tendency to collect lint and gunk.

If you can live with washing the holster every few days, the Remora is the slimmest, most minimal IWB out there. I'm not that attentive, though, so for me, the Remora is merely an interesting curiosity.

P.S. - As a pocket holster, the Remora works fine. The material is grippier than an Uncle Mike's, avoiding embarrassing incidents where you draw a pocket gun with its holster still hanging on the gun.


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