Monday, April 09, 2012

Guns: Indian River County Public Shooting Range

There are some fancy shooting ranges out there.

The Indian River County public shooting range is not one of them.

Instead, IRC offers a by-the-numbers, sandbags-and-benches flat range: paper targets only, seated or standing position only, no tracers or other tomfoolery. In addition to the rifle and pistol ranges, IRC houses five-stand and a sporting clays course (these were not open on my visit due to a lack of staff - probably best to call before you go).

As you can see from all the wood partitions and dirt berms, the overall feel at the range is organized and clinical. It's sort of like a laboratory for shooting performance - perfect for testing out that new load or zeroing a new gun. Those looking for something more dynamic, like reactive targets or close-range speed shooting, should probably go somewhere else.


I didn't notice anyone there doing anything even remotely unsafe, the range officers were attentive and courteous, and the range fees were pretty nominal considering you can shoot for as long as you want. If you're trucking down the Treasure Coast and you want to sling some lead downrange, take a breather and stop by the IRC range.


At 5:22 PM, Blogger Gunz n Guitars said...

My wife three daughters, son-in-law and I have enjoyed this facility a number of times. A great place to take the family to hone their shooting skills. It is professionally operated, we never felt unsafe and the fellow shooters and range workers were always pleasant and helpful.
Even though it is a bit of a trip for us, it has always without exception, proven worth the drive.
I would highly recommend this range to shooters of all ages and it is a great place to spend a family afternoon.


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