Sunday, January 20, 2013

Links: Winter Gun Blogroll Update

Lurking Rhythmically - Quick, name a Florida blogger who likes role-playing games, guns, and magic? If you answered "Mulliga," you'd be correct, but you'd also be correct if you answered "Erin Palette." You see, Palette is the author of "Lurking Rhythmically," a neat website and blog that covers everything from mods for your Mosin-Nagant to MLP:FiM. But where'd the name come from? Here's Erin with the explanation:
The appellation in question was created many years ago by a friend of mine to whom I shall cleverly refer as Captain Kidd. I was game mastering a session of In Nomine hacked to use White Wolf mechanics when the good Captain observed that "Goths don't dance. They just sort of lurk rhythmically on the dance floor." I found this observation both pithy and apt, and resolved that if I was ever in a goth band I would use that name.

Failure to Fire - I've spent time in quite a few small gun stores, so I recognize a lot of what goes on in "Failure to Fire," a webcomic by Mel Hynes and James Grant. The comic follows a gun shop clerk named Mick and his misadventures with the opposite sex. There are occasional strips that have direct tips for the reader, like this one where Mick shows new gun buyer Heidi his recommendation for home defense: a 20 gauge shotgun. What can I say? Great minds think alike.

Scratching Post - Kathy Jackson's great website about shooting and CCW, "Cornered Cat," has a blog. I really don't have too much to add, other than to recommend that you keep a spot for it on your bookmark bar.


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