Thursday, January 03, 2013

Movies: New Year's Evil

"New Year's Evil" is the best New Year's Eve-themed slasher flick ever made. That's not surprising, since it's the only New Year's Eve-themed slasher flick ever made:

The premise seems fun enough - a mysterious lunatic named "Evil" calls into a TV show on December 31st, and announces he's going to off someone every time the clock strikes midnight in each time zone in the U.S. Unfortunately, "New Year's Evil" feels like it was put together by someone who knows the dictionary definition of a slasher movie, but has never actually seen one. There are jump scares and plot twists, but they're never assembled in a manner that creates any suspense.

Even worse, this is a low-budget Golan-Globus production, which means wooden acting, awful boring kills (there's one where a lady is suffocated by a plastic bag), and a cheesy theme song that's played about seventy times:

Rating: 3/10 (10/10 if you need a schlocky horror film for New Year's Eve to mock with your friends)


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