Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Food: Counter Culture Coffee farmhouse organic coffee review

Coffee exists on a continuum. On one end, there's the really bad stuff; think cheap motels, backwater gas stations, and hospital waiting rooms. On the other, there's organic, direct trade certified, fresh ground, pour-over brewed Counter Culture Coffee.

As a Christmas gift, my friend ZiggyZeitgeist got me a subscription to farmhouse, one of CCC's most popular coffee blends. Counter Culture touts farmhouse as "akin to a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box from a favorite farm." I don't know whether that comparison is valid or not, but the coffee sure looks and smells good:


I've brewed farmhouse via pour-over, French press, and good old fashioned drip percolation. Regardless of the method, it's a bit thinner and lighter than a typical coffee. You get big hits of acid and fruitiness, with a watery bittersweet walnut finish. Definitely worth a try if you like very fresh, lightly roasted Latin American coffee.


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