Sunday, March 15, 2015

Food: Happy National Egg Cream Day

An egg cream is a frothy dessert drink made of milk, soda water, and chocolate (modern versions contain neither egg nor cream). When made properly, the mixture separates into two layers; in a single sip, you'll get a foamy head from the top, along with a pleasant burst of bubbly chocolate milk flavor from the bottom.

March 15th is "National Egg Cream Day," so if you have the following ingredients, try one today:

Mulliga's Egg Cream


1 part milk (works best with whole)
1/4 part Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Syrup, during Passover season (or any chocolate syrup made with sugar)
2 parts Perrier sparkling water


1. Pour chocolate syrup into a tall glass and allow it to settle for a minute.
2. Pour milk on top of syrup.
3. Pour sparkling water on top of milk.
3. With long spoon, violently stir and mix the glass. Allow contents to settle slightly before consuming, but drink it before the bubbles dissipate. Enjoy!


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