Sunday, October 21, 2018

Miscellany: Dragon Con 2018 Recap - Time is the one thing we can't make, but we can kill

As is my wont, I visited Atlanta over Labor Day weekend to attend Dragon Con with my friends. This year's con had a musical feel - I took in several formidable performances, including one by a living legend. Here are some highlights of our adventures.

"The Armory" exhibit of historical weapons was quite different this year, in that it omitted all firearms. I hope it wasn't for the sake of political correctness; in any event, the exhibit now basically ignores the last 500 years of human warfare.

For my "Into the Badlands" costume, I had to craft a makeshift sheath and jury rig some bracers.

I also dressed up as Seraph from the "Matrix" movies - it's a relatively minor character from a 15 year old movie, but I still got recognized for obvious reasons.

This year, we were hosted by Rob and his family - he was Han Solo, so he was asked to pose with everyone and their brother.

Since we were cosplaying "Into the Badlands" characters, the big celeb draw this year was Nick Frost, who plays Bajie on the show. He was a pretty cool guy, but good Lord, are these autograph prices getting expensive.

Us as the Widow, Gaius Chau, and Sunny:

I took in the "Battle Bots" competition this year - fun, but the robots weren't as good as the ones you see on a televised competition.

Mostly, I spent time watching some awesome performers - Crystal Bright, Unwoman, Gray Rinehart, and, incredibly, famous author Peter S. Beagle:


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