Thursday, January 31, 2019

Tech: Kindle Paperwhite (3rd Generation) review

The old Kindle Touch we bought was getting long in the tooth, so I picked up a Kindle Paperwhite a couple of years ago. It's a much better e-reader; while it doesn't really navigate books better than the old model, the sharper front-lit screen is an order of magnitude more useful in everyday lighting conditions.

I also picked up the nifty Aimerday Folio case. It protects the screen without adding any bulk to the Kindle, and it automatically wakes the device when opened.  In this format, the third-gen Kindle Paperwhite is just as convenient as a physical book.

Amazon released an updated Paperwhite a few months ago, but judging by the specs, the only major feature the new model has going for it is water resistance (for bath, pool, and beach readers, I guess). I think I'll stick with my current Kindle for awhile longer.


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