Monday, July 06, 2020

Miscellany: POM pepper spray review

One takeaway from my ECQC class (I swear I'll do a full review eventually) is that it's good to have a ranged less lethal force option, as there are a lot of situations requiring more than harsh language but less than busting a cap. The two main choices in this area are Tasers and OC spray. Today I'm reviewing the most convenient option I've found, POM flip top pepper spray units.

Other companies have put out small form-factor pepper sprays, but the POM unit is the only one which both carries easily (via the integral pocket clip, pictured above) and packs a significant amount of pepper spray. POM claims that each half-ounce unit gives 12 seconds of continuous spray up to 12 feet. Now, my informal testing yielded more like 10 seconds of usable spray at 10 feet, but it's still way better than the novelty keychain or pen-size dispensers.

POM also has the best firing mechanism I've see in a pepper spray unit of this size. Rather than use a twist-off safety detent, like most of the Sabre lineup, POM uses a flip-top. This is a lot more secure (I've had Sabre units unlock in my pocket), ambidextrous, and easy to use under stress. The POM design automatically orients and indexes the spray toward the attacker - so long as your thumb is on the button, whatever your thumb is pointing at is going to get hit.

In situations where people look like they're going to beat you up but pulling a gun isn't yet justified, POM is a good option, and one that I've taken to carrying with me whenever I'm in public.


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