Thursday, December 31, 2020

Miscellany: SureFire Stiletto Pro review

Running in the evening has become my primary form of exercise during lockdown, so I've taken to carrying a rechargeable flashlight with me to cut down on disposable battery use. The best tool I've found for this job is the SureFire Stiletto Pro:

The Stiletto Pro is a (relatively) slim, (relatively) lightweight light that puts out up to 1000 lumens for an hour in a flood pattern (SureFire's "MaxVision" beam - peak intensity is only 5,100 candela).  At $200, it's expensive, but I like the Stiletto Pro over the Chinese-produced flashlights on the market for its build quality, reliability, and honest output numbers (larger torches from Fenix and Nitecore list big lumen numbers, but in real life they step down to about the Stiletto Pro's output anyway - Olights just plain burn things). 

The Stiletto Pro's user interface is also perfect for an EDC light that can double as a tactical light. Max output is available via a momentary-only tailswitch, so in a stressful situation there's no fumbling with side switches and no way to inadvertently trigger the constant-on function. For more mundane tasks, you can switch between the three output levels (25, 300, and 1,000 lumens) using the side switch, with user-programmable sequencing of those modes.

Things I don't like? For the price, the Stiletto Pro's non-replaceable battery and micro-USB charging port are chintzy, and the pocket clip, while sturdy, juts out more from the flashlight body than is necessary, spoiling the otherwise-thin form factor. The beam pattern is also not ideal if you need throw over long distances; a Modlite would be much better for that. Despite all that, the Stiletto Pro has taken its place as my primary EDC flashlight.


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