Saturday, March 13, 2021

Miscellany: Tissot Chrono XL Classic watch review (Reference T1166171104701)

They say anything is better with a good story, and life gave me a doozy of one for the Tissot Chrono XL watch my parents got me for Christmas. On its own, it's a perfectly nice but not extravagant watch, sort of the adult version of the old Swatches I used to have in grade school. While I know there are multi-kilobuck Omegas and Rolexes out there, to me, a $400 watch was an awesome gift.

Then it got stolen.

A burglar hid in a closet in our office and ransacked the place overnight, stealing personal effects from almost everyone. I had left the watch on my desk, not wanting to wear it after a sweaty workout at the end of the workday. When we learned about the break-in the next morning, I thought that I would never see my watch again.

We got lucky, though. There was security footage of the assailant, and evidence that he didn't have a car, so I cruised around the city looking for him. Amazingly, I found him within 15 minutes and called the cops. He was caught red-handed with our stuff, and, in a week, I had my watch back.

Now, this watch embodies a memory, and it means a lot more to me than even six- and seven-figure Swiss watches that are more jewelry than timepieces. The phrases tempus fugit and carpe diem come to mind, very literally.


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