Friday, April 30, 2021

Food: Bourbon Tasting Review-o-rama

I'm not much of a drinker, but even I enjoyed sampling the small batch bourbon whiskeys put together by our managing partner:

The bourbon we tasted, from left to right:

1) Woodford Reserve Barrel Select ($60 / 1L) - A good, moderately priced bourbon to start off with, from a distillery so big I've actually seen billboards for it on I-95. Lots of butterscotch and honey notes.

2) Rowan's Creek Bourbon ($45 / 750 mL) - This batch was distilled, aged, and bottled by Willett Distillery. I thought it smelled like Coke, with a harsher, more alcoholic taste than the Woodford Reserve.

3) Gunnar's Wheated Bourbon ($30 / 750 mL) - This was the crowd favorite - "Santana Smooth" in my mind. It's got 34% wheat, as the label prominently advises. I thought it was delicious.

4) Bardstown Bourbon Fusion ($60 / 750 mL) - I liked this one, too, but it was thinner and less flavorful than the Gunnar's.

5) Old Whiskey River (???) - I bought this bottle years ago from...somewhere. There's a tie-in with Willie Nelson, but I'm not sure they sell this any more. It was smooth and sweet, and stronger than you think.

6) Wild Turkey Rare Breed ($48 / 750 mL) - This was by far the strongest bourbon in the bunch, topping 58% ABV. Maybe it's because I'm a novice, but it was hard to taste anything through the alcohol.


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