Sunday, July 18, 2021

Movies: Collision Course

One of the weirdest movies you'll ever see is Collision Course, a 1989 low budget buddy cop film starring Pat Morita and Jay Leno. They star as mismatched police officers, one a fish out of water from Japan, the other a wisecracker from Detroit, on the trail of a stolen experimental turbo charger. I remember watching it on TV one slow afternoon, and was taken aback by its mix of screwball humor and extreme violence:

It's not a "good" action-comedy per se, but there is something charming about the practical stunt work, the '80s character actors (aside from Morita and Leno, the film stars Chris Sarandon and Tom Noonan), and the inappropriate-for-2021 jokes about Japanese people. The plot is totally secondary to the madcap antics onscreen, including silly explosions and a part where Morita's character drop kicks a guy's head off through a car windshield:

Rating: 6/10


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