Friday, October 15, 2021

Miscellany: Running EDC


I'm training for a half-marathon, and that means a whole lot of early morning runs. Since you can't take much on a 7-mile run, every item has to be selected carefully:

SPIbelt - Short for "Small Personal Item belt," the SPIbelt is an elastic zippered pouch strapped to your hips, just big enough to carry your smartphone, keys, and some cards/currency. If you cinch it tight enough and wear it low, the items don't bounce around like they would in a typical fanny pack (it's not waterproof, though, so use a plastic bag if you expect rain). I clip everything else on this list to the belt.

Clip-on running lights - My long runs start well before sunrise, and it pays to take a little extra light to make you more visible to sleepy-eyed drivers.  These flashing LEDs are imported, cheap, yet fairly durable and long-lasting.

POM pepper spray - I know some people carry a gun while running, but I just can't take the weight and bulk. Pepper spray is a good compromise - it only weighs a couple ounces, and you can use it on aggressors of both the two and four-legged varieties.

Fenix LD02 - I like using a small flashlight for illuminating dark streets and dim sidewalks.  This AAA Fenix fits the bill perfectly - pretty bright and very cheap.

SPIbelt H2O Companion - When your runs start going longer than 45 minutes, you'll need to hydrate mid-run, and that's where the clip-on water bottle comes in. Just make sure your belt is cinched tight, otherwise this thing will be bobbing around like a yo-yo.


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