Saturday, March 18, 2023

Guns: Remington RM380 review

In the years before its bankruptcy filings, Remington was throwing everything against the wall to see what sticked.  During that turbulent period, it put out an AR-10, a 1911, a single-stack 9mm, and the subject of today's review, the RM380:

Yup, it's a pocket .380 pistol, essentially a redesigned Rohrbaugh 380. Unlike most of the popular .380s out there - your LCPs, P3ATs, Bodyguards, etc. - the RM380 had an aluminum frame which looked pretty cool but must have been expensive to make.

Aside from that, there wasn't much to differentiate the RM380 from those other guns.  It ditched the Rohrbaugh's heel mag release and had really terrible sights and one of the worst double-action triggers I've ever used. To no one's surprise, it bombed in the marketplace.

At the range, I found the gun to be reasonably reliable, but astonishingly hard to shoot. Even at 7 yards, I was not able to get anything resembling a decent group.  The gun might be mechanically accurate, but fell well short of other micro .380s in terms of practical accuracy.

Like so many guns, the RM380 nowadays is a curiosity, a historical footnote of a troubled company. I'm sure the folks at Big Green did their best under difficult circumstances, but I can't recommend anyone actually carrying this thing for self-defense.


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