Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tech: It's too early for this

You find yourself in some strange situations when you're hunting for Christmas gifts. For instance, who could have predicted that a few days after finishing up exams, I'd be standing in a line outside of a Super Target waiting to buy a Nintendo Wii? In any merciful universe, I'd have been home in bed, enjoying Christmas break. Instead, I volunteered to try to purchase one of these elusive video game consoles for my cousins.

The Nintendo Wii was last year's hot item, too, if you recall. The pre-Christmas shopping rush annihilated the supply on retailer's shelves this year, and they're selling out all over the place. I don't blame Nintendo for underproducing, though - the Wii, after only a single year in existence, has already outsold Nintendo's last console, the GameCube, in Japan. No one could have predicted this kind of demand.

Anyway, I did manage to snag a Wii. But the people who only came to the Target at 7:30AM (half an hour before opening) missed out. :P


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