Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guns: Any Colour You Like

All of my firearms are either basic black or stainless, but it's not uncommon for gun owners to coat their guns with another color finish, or to outfit them with different color grips or stocks. For example, one of my friends coated his Romak 3 with Aluma-Hyde to give it a camouflage pattern. This kind of refinishing merits some careful thought, however. Sometimes it can come out rather strange (credit to Xavier's awesome "Ugly Gun Sunday" series):

Yet sometimes you can come up with something neat (ninjas vs. pirates!):

In any event, recoloring a gun doesn't make it any more or less dangerous, mostly because a sane person wouldn't point or brandish a gun around in public unless his or her life depended on it. Yet just when I thought CNN's coverage of guns couldn't get any dumber, they go and do a report like this. If some idiot is holding up a liquor store with a pink and green gun, I doubt a cop is going to have to hesitate before opening fire.


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