Monday, June 16, 2008

Miscellany: SureFire E2D Executive Defender

Before I part with it forever via the magic of eBay, I thought it only fair to give my SureFire E2D a review. I've had it for a few years, and, in many ways, this flashlight is obsolete. It's yesterday's model, sporting an incandescent bulb even as the rest of SureFire's line is being converted into LED flashlights. In other words, this is a T-800 in a world of T-1000s.

Still, there's a certain pleasing quality to the light. LED lights, while more efficient and now just as bright as their incan counterparts, tend to give off a harsher, more bluish tone. The old-school E2d throws out a warmer beam. Of course, for a torch mostly intended as a bike light and a "bump in the night" light, color temperature isn't really a big consideration.

The housing, at least, is very tough, with Type III anodized aluminum (hardness is comparable to something like, say, an AR receiver). The "Strike Bezel" has dubious utility, but otherwise, the E2D has worked fine. If I could change one thing about the light, though, it'd be the sometimes unresponsive tailcap. But, I guess moving parts can break down no matter who makes 'em.


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