Thursday, July 03, 2008

Food: Coffee Culture

My go-to coffehouse, Kay's Coffee, is closing down in the next few months (the owners are turning it into a Japanese-Korean fusion restaurant), so I've been forced to find other places to work. My three requirements are free WiFi, nighttime operating hours, and good coffee, and you can find all three at Coffee Culture, a coffeehouse on 13th (it's several miles north of University).
The place is cozy - it's about half the size of Kay's, with a bookshelf full of paperbacks that you can read at your pleasure and boardgames to while away the time. When I visited Coffee Culture, the air conditioning was broken (and this is Gainesville at the end of June - you might as well sit in a sauna). Even then, it was still bearable, which is a testament to the comforting vibe that runs through the joint.

It'd all be for naught if I didn't like my cup of coffee, but I did. Their default blend is a dark roast that doesn't have much of an aftertaste, but it goes down easy enough. Coffee Culture doesn't serve breakfast sandwiches or other bistro items, which is disappointing, but their deserts (a variety of muffins and pastry bars) were good. "Coffee Culture" seems to be a chain, with at least a couple locations in Gainesville, so I have no idea if they're all like this one. Still, I think I'll be coming back to at least this particular location in the future.

2/4 stars


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