Sunday, August 10, 2008

TV: Super Mario Bros. Super Show

You wouldn't think a former professional wrestling manager would be the best choice to play a beloved video game character, but "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show" is definitive evidence that even slightly washed-up WWF stars can upstage professional actors:

The "Super Show" had live action segments outlining a basic frame story, with the bulk of the half-hour show's runtime being devoted to a twenty-minute Super Mario Bros. cartoon. I actually find Captain Lou's voiceover work as Mario to be less annoying than Charles Martinet, the "official" Mario voice. Captain Lou's Mario is also a lot more fun than Bob Hoskins' cheerless performance in the awful 1993 Super Mario Bros. live action movie.

Probably the strangest aspect of the live action skits were the guest stars, with everyone from Cyndi Lauper to Magic Johnson (albeit on separately shot video) making an appearance:


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