Friday, September 05, 2008

Food: All India Cafe

Indian buffets are pretty run-of-the-mill by now, but we managed to find a decent one in Santa Barbara. The All India Cafe is a restaurant that nestles happily in Santa Barbara's downtown, a stone's throw from the ocean. There are a few locations in California, but this particular one has the virtue of a great sea breeze to really stoke the appetite for curry and chutney. How did it fare?

Pretty well, I'd say. Highlights included the mint chutney (fabulous when teamed with the lamb vindaloo), a slightly spicy eggplant bharta, and fresh garlicky naan. The atmosphere was interesting, too - big flat panels on the walls showed off some of the best of Bollywood dance numbers. I wasn't a huge fan of some of the dishes (I've had much tastier tandoori chicken, for example), but all in all, a great deal for only $9.

2/4 stars


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