Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Miscellany: Apples to Apples

Most of the board and card games featured here at Shangrila Towers contain heavy doses of strategy. Whether you're trying to puzzle out your position in "Tigris and Euphrates," looking down at a crap "Magic: The Gathering" hand, or trying to bluff your way to a big payout in Texas Hold 'Em, I tend to play games that require more skill than chance.

Once in a while, though, you just want to play a simple game with friends. "Apples to Apples" is a fairly mainstream card game that fits the bill perfectly. Players take turns being the judge. The judge picks out an adjective card ("sloppy," "macho," "frustrating," etc.) and all the other players pick out a noun card from their hand that they think best matches the adjective. The judge decides who is closest, that person wins the round, and play continues with a new judge.

If you just played it straight through, with no interaction, it'd be a fairly dry game. Thankfully, the judge always explains why he or she is rejecting certain cards, and some spirited (and hilarious) discussion can ensue. It's a fun enough party game, I guess, so give it a whirl if you have a willing crowd.


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