Thursday, October 22, 2009

Guns (& TV): Lock 'N Load (the Showtime one)

Is there anything that can't make it onto the glass teat nowadays? Do reality TV producers need ideas so badly that they'd film this?

It's a classic case of cultural misunderstanding. I guess on paper, to a person who's never been inside a gun store or a gun show (perhaps a Showtime exec?), it must seem like a mysterious world. After all, the media and movies make it seem like anyone can buy a gun.

Remember Arnold the killer cyborg buying a freaking Uzi from a California gun shop? Or how about when Arnold the commando pushed a secret button in a military surplus store and pulled out a rocket launcher? The show must have been greenlit with the tacit expectation that all manner of drug dealers, n'er-do-wells, and miscreants would populate the aisles of Ye Olde Gun Shoppe. It'd sort of be like "Cops" or "Dog the Bounty Hunter," except the criminals would come to you!

The actual show looks pretty boring, even for dedicated shooters. In entertainment terms, you'd probably do better with the many gunbloggers on the Web sharing their tales of gun counter wonder.


At 9:17 AM, Blogger Bradley said...

I so want to watch this, but its not on itunes nor have i found it on bittorent yet :(


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