Sunday, March 14, 2010

Miscellany: Blogger's block

A blog, in many ways, is a writer's worst nightmare.

You're writing for an audience that can post comments directly on your work (imagine if a novel in a bookstore came with a little sheet featuring reader reviews, both positive and negative). Blogs have to be updated as much as possible, otherwise you risk losing readers and being deleted off of blogrolls. Finally, most blogs have searchable archives that date back years; in order to keep from repeating yourself, you have to constantly seek new material.

After nearly 1700 posts here on Shangrila Towers, I'm suffering from a case of blogger's block. I have plenty of posts in the hopper, but they're all drafts - half-finished gear reviews, partial ruminations on current events, bare outlines for do-it-yourself projects. Plus, the high pollen count has me stuffed up like a Build-A-Bear.

To my readers (all nine of them), please pardon the rather drastic slowdown in new posts. It - and my sinuses - should clear up soon.


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