Saturday, May 15, 2010

Miscellany: Changing Oil on a Toyota Tacoma...Moment-By-Moment Impressions

Dad and I decided to do an oil change in the driveway in an effort to save some cash. Catch is, neither of us had ever done one before. Here's what transpired...

Buying the floor jack, jack stands, wheel chocks, oil filter, oil, funnel, catch pan: "Hmm, I wonder if we're actually saving any money doing this."

Unscrewing the oil pan plug and watching the oil drain into a well-placed pan: "Hey, this is easy! Why on Earth would I pay someone $30 to do this?

Unscrewing the oil filter (and promptly dropping it, as you're twisting an oil-covered cylinder that's upside-down): "&%$%*@! That oil filter is rolling a stain all across the driveway!"

Pouring the pan's contents into an old container: "I wonder how we're going to get rid of this stuff."

Scrubbing the oil stains out of the driveway: "I wonder if we could pay someone to do this..."


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