Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Links: Blogroll Additions and Deletions

Keeping your blog updated is pretty challenging, especially if you're gainfully employed and you have a house to maintain. I understand it when bloggers decide to hang up their hats, and update my blogroll accordingly. It's certainly not a comment on the quality of a blog's writing (if I didn't like the blog, it wouldn't be on the blogroll in the first place, after all). I just like to have a blogroll populated with sites that get updated at least once or twice a month.

I do like to give any deleted blogs one last time in the spotlight, though. Here are the additions and deletions to Shangrila Towers' blogroll, as penned on a rainy September night...


Found: One Troll - Eseell made a big splash last year during the "If I Only Had A Gun" debacle, and Eseell featured the Starcraft II beta before almost everyone else. Sadly, it appears real life (and/or virtual life) has caught up to the blog. Shame - it isn't often you see the same heady mix of shooting and network savvy.

Xavier Thoughts - A classic blog, easily one of the best shooting/nursing/photography blogs around. Xavier showed off incredible gun pr0n by Clark Custom and shared stories from the ER trenches. He's semi-retired from the blogging scene now, it appears, but "Xavier Thoughts" will hopefully remain online - it's a great resource.


I've been meaning to add all three of these blogs for awhile now. The common denominator is shooting, as it usually is (What can I say? It's my hobby).

Sharp as a Marble - Robb Allen writes this popular blog (no, literally - he coded the blog engine) and is a fellow Floridian. I'm putting him in a special category - "Fellow gunbloggers that I might actually be able to meet and shoot a round of five stand with."

Snowflakes in Hell - A gun blog hosted by Sebastian and Bitter that focuses on guns and gun politics from a Pennsylvanian perspective. Pennsylvania is a traditional political battleground and swing state; if you're thinking of ideas to get the fence-sitters to the gun rights camp, this is a good place to start.

The Unforgiving Minute - What? Another blog with a CIS/shooting flavor? Guess birds of a feather really do flock together. If you're wondering about the title, here's one of the most epic renditions of the source.


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