Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Top 10 of 2010

Happy New Year! Here are (what I consider to be) the top 10 posts from last year. I take into account the response generated by the comments, the clarity of the writing, and the weight of the subject matter, but these are mostly my personal favorites. In chronological order...

---Miscellany: Byrd Cara Cara Knife Review - I still have the Cara Cara, and the review touched off an interesting discussion of the differences between a $70 knife and a $20 knife.

---Guns: A Shooting in Old City - This was a pretty unusual shooting, as it happened right in front of a TV studio's security camera. As far as I know, Ung is still awaiting trial on charges of attempted murder, and still plans to argue self-defense.

---TV: Jack Horkheimer - Star Gazer - Mr. Horkheimer passed away half a year after this post was authored. He made a lot of people's lives a little bit better - not a bad legacy.

---Guns: Snubbie Wars - The snub remains my primary carry, since it's difficult for me to get to a shooting range often enough to confirm reliability with pistols. Someone needs to release a slim, 5-shot .327 Federal Magnum snubbie...

---Sports: A Day at the Sony Ericsson Open - I don't attend sporting events very often (expensive food, crowds, nosebleed seats compared to HD TV), but this was really a pleasant way to spend a Wednesday. Randy Lu made a good run at Wimbledon later in the year, upsetting Andy Roddick.

---Miscellany: On A (Tri) Rail - I intentionally took the Tri-Rail to post about the experience. Made for a good post, but it was excruciatingly slow.

---The Mulliga's Urban Survival Kit Series - A still ongoing series of posts. Having used the items in my kit regularly, I can attest to its usefulness, in emergencies big and small.

---Halloween at the Towers 2010 "The Walking Dead Liveblog - My first liveblog. It's an interesting way to watch a show, though I think it would have been difficult for me to follow the plot had I not already read the comic. "The Walking Dead" turned out to be a great TV series, too (except for the ridiculous Season 1 finale).

---Guns: The Little Big Revolver - Ruger SP101 review - Gun reviews should be coming more regularly. I'm proud of the research and range time I put in on the SP101 in order to be objective. Not a service you'll get from the average gun rag, unfortunately.

---Mulliga's Christmas Spectacular - Holiday Gifts On A (Really Tight) Budget - I actually used all of these gift ideas in my own gift-giving. Hopefully someone else found it helpful.

Have a safe and happy 2011, all.


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